Tuesday, December 31, 2013

A Blessing ~ Good Wishes

May you remember the blessings of 2013.

May your memories be viewed through the eyes of compassion, love & forgiveness.

May your be heart fill with love as you move toward the new year.

May a freshness enliven your heart.

May joy sweep in and replace any sorrow.

Know you are loved.

Much love, Karen <3

Saturday, December 28, 2013

Blindness of Habit

I was reading Divine Beauty by John O'Donohue again this morning.  A few words have been sticking with me -- it was in context to light and how we see things as the same all the time.

The few words are:  Blindness of habit....

How might your habits be making you blind to what your world could be like, how would you like it to be different? How might your habits be keeping you stuck?  What do you perhaps need to shed some light on, or what might you need to let sink into the darkness?

How might you begin to shift your perspective of what is working or what might work based on your dreams.

Blindness of habit....

To find out more about one of my favourite authors - follow this link:  John O'Donohue 

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Today is Christmas Eve.  My favourite day of the season.  It is quiet, usually I am in my house and puttering. There is usually true peace in my heart.

This year I am searching for peace, as this past year there has been much sorrow in my world. Truly, the first thought on my mind this morning was about the mothers I know this year who have lost their sons.  It didn't matter the ages of their son 3, 19 or 70 - each of these mothers, their hearts shattered. Sorrow so deep I dare not feel.  My sorrow is with me as I along with my family dealt with my dad's illness and then his death. 

I had found peace in the situation - yet, as many of you know - grief and sorrow wash over us - unannounced and swiftly.  I ride the wave and then move into a peaceful state...so maybe the earlier statement of not having peace is off a bit.  I am having moments of peace -- which is pretty normal. So, okay.  I am peaceful. I am at peace.  Once again the sorrow has washed through. 

Here is what one of my favourite poets says about sorrow: 

Sorrow prepares you for joy. It violently sweeps everything out of your house, so that new joy can find space to enter. It shakes the yellow leaves from the bough of your heart, so that fresh, green leaves can grow in their place. It pulls up the rotten roots, so that new roots hidden beneath have room to grow. Whatever sorrow shakes from your heart, far better things will take their place.--Rumi

Merry Christmas my friends.  May peace fill your hearts.  May joy flood in and fill the spaces sorrow has swept empty.  

Merry Christmas

Much lov

Monday, December 23, 2013

Be Gentle with Yourself

As you step into the Season of Joy -- remember to be gentle with yourself.  

You will most likely be out of routine and rhythm.  It is alright, it is okay.  Remember to be gentle with yourself. 

Tensions may rise as you strive to create the perfect meal, the perfect holiday experience or as you attempt to find the perfect gift any or all of these may cause you extreme stress and grief...be gentle with yourself. 

What ways can you be gentle with yourself? 

*speak kindly to yourself 
*give yourself way more time than you expect to get something complete 
*when you enjoy a cup of coffee/tea/hot chocolate - can you actually sit and enjoy it? 
*delegate (and be okay with the way it turns out)
*let go of some of the obligations which make you feel badly
*take a bath, sit in a hot tub, get in the pool -- water has a soothing and healing quality

What are some ways you can begin today -- to be gentle with yourself? Share.  Thanks 

Much love.

Saturday, December 21, 2013

A letter of Gratitude, Love & News (lots of clicky bits)

December 21 2013

Dear Fabulous Ones,

The Winter Solstice has just arrived for us here, at 10:11 MST – with it the light.  The days will begin to become longer and brighter – yea!

I wanted to extend gratitude to you all this year.  It was a tough year for me and my family – with the illness and passing of my Dad – and with me traveling so much to be there – my business was on the back burner.  Yet, you were all so very gracious and loving – sending me messages, cards along with your love and prayers.  Know I appreciated it all.  Thank you. 

I also wanted to let you know, I have been home now since the end of November, so almost a month now and my business has been thriving;  thanks, again to you. I have been writing more – look for an upcoming article about Authenticity in McMurray Girl, as well as on my blog

As you may or may not know, December was a month of giving for me.  I was sitting in prayer/meditation one day before a client session and a thought occurred to me; to donate my part of my fees to a local organization – and so I did.  50% of all my private session fees were glad~fully donated to Centre of Hope, here in Fort McMurray – for this particular campaign – The Sub Zero Challenge.  You can find out more information here. This will be something I will be doing again. 

I have been busy with workshops and presentations as well since September – and I am excited to offer an event at the end of this month with Gratitude as the theme – December 29 – 1-4 PM – if you are interested in details; please find it on my FB Page here. (it’s Free!)

I am also hosting – Vision Board Workshops as well. January 24 & 26 2014

If you own and/or creating a business you love – one of my favourite workshops is on January 15 – Client Attraction Plan – Details here.  4 hours of fun, reflection and discovery. 

I am excited to be working with a team of friends and colleagues as we are creating a Conference – here in Fort McMurray.  Have a look at your calendar now and circle March 22 2014 – that is the date.  Here is our FB page.  Seeds of Change FB Page   To set your intention to attend – here is the Event
So much to share with you!  Wow! 

Please know 2014 is gearing up to be so incredible – and I extend to you and your family – deep love, blissful moments and incredible joy.  Know you are loved & appreciated.  Much love to you and your family as we end 2013 and bring our full selves into 2014! 

Thank you so much for all you do in this world, by being yourself,
looking after your hearts and being happy. 

Know that by simply being happy sets the 
Universe into Joy Mode!

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Merry Christmas

While it can feel very busy this time of year. It can also be a time of incredible for peace and stillness.
Find some peace of heart and mind for yourself this holiday season.


Much love.

Monday, December 16, 2013

Decision, Focus & Love for What I Do

So I say to Larkin tonight, 'I have a meeting tomorrow and I need to share my successes for 2013 (it is a business meeting); and he says, so fabulously...'you mean how successful you have been since October, when you really started back into your business'...look at all you have done (with two weeks off in November ;-) )

So, I own it. It has been wonderfully full and fabulous...and I have been building a solid foundation for 2014.

Through various family commitments; illness, care, hosting visitors, & wedding planning - I was away for about 5 months total this year, maybe a bit more; 120+  nights in a hotel, excluding time at the cabin - so add another 21+ nights and with the longest time back in my house since mid November to now. :-).

So yes; it is all about decision, focus and the love of what I do.

Yup, I am owning it....I put my energy back in my business when I knew I was going to be available.
My clients, and participants have been supportive, like they (you) were waiting for me.  <3
Thank you.  Deep gratitude.

Friday, December 13, 2013

A Breath of Deep Contentment

Have you ever been in a group of people and been unable to follow their conversation?  I sure have. This happens to me for a couple of reasons, firstly -- I truly don't know what they are talking about, ha ha or two - I am not part of their tribe, or I in theirs.

You know birds of a feather flock together sort of thing.

I feel it so important to very very regularly get together with people whom you resonate with. Be in the company of people who understand your 'language'.  Who are woven into the fabric of your world.

I, by choice, surround myself regularly with people who also love the world of positivity, love, angels, spirit, yoga and great things.  I surround myself with people who, like me, want the best in life for themselves and others around them.

I, by choice, surround myself with people who see the best in me; this is important - for those days when I doubt {yes, I touch glimmers of doubt} sometimes. I, choose to see the best in them as well and we carry each other.

Have a feel about your life - and start saying yes to the people who believe in you, who challenge you to expand your awareness, and be with those who while in their company you can sit back, and take a breathe of deep contentment.

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Today, I was honoured, again.

Today I was honoured, again.  I was honoured last week as well.  How was I honoured?  I have had two people on separate occasions ask - 'how did you begin, I want to do what you do'. 

I am honoured.  Thank you, for asking. 

There has not been one course or one school I attended to become or to be what I am now.  I feel my role is to support people as they remember happiness is their truth - and I support people to be happy in all they do.  Simple.  Maybe?  I do this through of a variety of ways. Mostly I do it by being me. 

I started all of this really in the early 1990s as a volunteer fitness instructor with our local YMCA because of a fitness class I attended in the late 1980s {baby making years} - I thought, 'I could do that' and I did.  I took all the required courses (I believe proper training is important) and I began teaching classes, I then saw a need to do one on one training and began that -- at the time there were no real courses to support this desire, so I did it with the training I had and supplemented courses to support my knowledge, and then - presto -- a course became available,  a diploma in Personal Fitness Training; so I did this. 

Now all the while I am doing this, teaching and training, and then opening my own studio; I am still taking courses -- learning about how the mind works, how our hearts need to connect with work and how to bring our hearts back into our everyday.  

I began learning through attending courses and reading books from people I loved. Such as the masters in Canadian fitness at the time (90s) and then moved into my heart/mind with teachers like,  Deepak Chopra (have seen him 3 times), Alan Cohen, Robin Sharma, Cheryl Richardson, SARK, Michael Benard Beckwith, Carolyn Myss, Greg Braden....the list continues. I would travel and learn, and then teach and share what I had learned.  This was so joyous to me.  Now, there was no career with a label for what I was learning, so I integrated into what I was currently doing.  

I hired a coach after I opened my Personal Training Studio (on Franklin Ave), and true to me, thought, gosh, I could do this! So I did -- I began with taking courses and have yet to stop.  

So now, some of my certificates say: Personal Fitness Trainer, Assistant Trainer of Trainers, Erickson Coach,  Story Coach, & soon SOYA Yoga Teacher....it continues; the learning never stops. This keeps me joyous. I have also had training with adult learning/education, training of trainers and have lead so many workshops and presentations I cannot even count :-). 

I then share all I do with my clients in a variety of ways, privately, through small groups, large groups - workshops.  This keeps my heart light. 

The point - it is not one 'thing' I do, it is number of things I have integrated throughout the last 24 years.  24 years.  I began taking courses in 1991 to further my role in the world -- and suspect I will always be doing so.  I will then continue to share all I learn.  Remember in addition to all the courses I have taken, or you will take. Life is one of our best teachers, and how we manage our way through all we are blessed with.  Life is a great teacher.  

So I say to you, begin where you are - start moving toward the life you want.  
Begin. Have fun. Follow your joy. 
Be happy in all you do. 

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Wonderful Wednesday

How great was your Wednesday? 

Mine was pretty wonderful.   

I had tea with a lovely long time friend. We have been meeting once/week at least for more than 10 years. Having a friend who speaks the same language of energy, spirit & life is so important to me.  I cherish our time together.  Do you have friend like this? 

Then, I was all business, sort of, as I headed out to support a friend/client as she re engaged with her blog and has started on the path of online business development. This was so fun! It is always so great when I am in-Joy my work.  So really, pretty much every time I am in contact with a client or a workshop participant -- I am in-Joy. Truly. 

My day may seem simple; and yes, it was.  I like my life to be calm.  I am beyond drama and when it comes around, I create more calmness around me.
 It is okay to love a calm life. It is okay to say, yes, I sat and read a book this afternoon and it was a wonderful Wednesday.  

Tomorrow...Terrific Thursday ~ bring it! 

I begin. Again.

Through various teachers as well as being with the text directly I have been reading, learning, exploring, sharing A Course in Miracles for ...