Saturday, February 15, 2014

Sing your song...sing.

Robin Sharma shared a list of 53 things he learned in 2013 - and this was one of them:

Watch the documentary ~ Searching for Sugarman

So I did.  I was so touched and inspired by it. Simply: it was so cool, it is so cool <3

Very very interesting -- you never know the impact you make on other's lives -- sing your song -- sing your song.  

From America to South Africa -- how one life can impact the world; incredible.  

This is my take away:

Sing your song ~ be yourself ~ do your passion -- you never know the impact you have on the world.

This is a beautiful statement.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014


Love seeing the moon in the daylight.
Love how light and bright it is for 4:50 PM
Love the day
Love how I am back in my long dress and cardigan
Love how my world is unfolding
Love that my hair is long enough to go up in a loose bun
Love I am able to step in to help a friend
Love that Karen Drucker music has been playing all day
Love my day was filled with both new clients and a former client
Love email money transfer
Love birch wood for the fire
Love how I have heart shaped tea cups
Love coloured pens Love the quiet part of the evening
Love second winds
Love large capacity washing machines
Love amber coloured light bulbs
Love our home
Love the moon out during the day....
thats about it for now
Much love

Monday, February 3, 2014

Decide to Choose Happiness

Decide to choose happiness.  
Every moment we have a choice. 
Decide and move toward joy and peace.  
Want to change the world - it begins with your peace filled heart. 

ACIM says: do not seek to change the world, change your thoughts about the world.  
Meaning: when we decide to have more loving thoughts, kindness and forgiveness -- it can and will shift our world.  When we become happier, more peaceful and kinder. our lives rise up with us - how do you feel this might impact those around you.  

 Source of PictureLove <3  
Begins with you 
A decision you make
Dwells in your heart first 

Much Love <3 

See my view on happiness here. 

I begin. Again.

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