Tuesday, April 8, 2014

You, Me & Grover ~ Getting Unstuck

Grover was a great source of inspiration for me this morning. 

You see, he was stuck.  He had gotten himself into a place where he felt he couldn't move and he couldn't see any options or way out.   He would bark occasionally, mostly he stood there, frozen.  

Yesterday when he was stuck there (yes, this is a repeat event) -- I actually thought he was stuck, like you know, when you stick wet skin on some cold metal; because the first time I went out to get him -- his paws were in wet ice.  This was not the case -- so I grabbed the scruff of his neck and brought him forward enough for him to move along on his own.  

This morning, and no treat could move him from his spot - no reward big enough for him to move.  He was immobilized.  

I went out and once again lead him to the exit from his self inflicted trap.  This time he took off -- his pent up energy needed to be used, released.  

This had me thinking. I began to think about me, thinking about you, and thinking about my clients & workshop participants.  

How do we keep repeating the patterns which get us stuck?  

As I moved through my morning I pondered on these thoughts & questions, I offer them here for you to consider as well. 

1. Where have I trapped myself?  Is this a real trap? Is there a way out? 

2. Where do I keep myself stuck, again & again? 

3. If I can see where I want to go or where I want to be, how do I take the first step over or around the barriers in front of me? 

4. Who can I call on to support me?  

5. Am I willing to accept the support offered?  

6. Once set free - how might I use my built up energy? 

I am going to journal on the questions that arrived on the event of his release.  I offer the suggestion you may wish to journal your thoughts on these questions as well.  

I would be interested in hearing your thoughts about your own journey; and how you have moved around barriers which seemed insurmountable or maybe this is the first time you are considering, 'hey, I may be stuck too.' 

Grover has been set free!  Now I ask, how might I,  how might you or how might we be set free?  

Let's get you free, unstuck and energized! 
Contact me to set up an appointment: karen@karenlarkin.ca 

Thursday, March 27, 2014

The inspiration of others keeps me moving forward and it enriches my work

The inspiration of others keeps me moving forward and it enriches my work.

Last night, I was co facilitating week 3 of 4 of the course;  Building Women's Self Esteem; one of the participants, I will call her Kay, shared with us how she was moved to reconsider how she had been thinking about herself, as she read my recent article in McMurray Girl Magazine. She began to consider how her thoughts may have been holding her back, keeping her from the success she desired.  

I was honoured when Kay had shared this with me.  It is always nice to hear when our efforts are making a difference, and I am no different, I, like you am human, so I love to receive the love! 

My work has a reflective quality to it. Meaning, when I am in front of people, or when I am in a private session, a lot of the work or the magic happens away from the session or workshop. A lot happens off screen, as it were, when people have time to integrate and allow the new ideas to come in.   My work involves me sharing my time in which I remain curious and often times I share my beliefs, and I offer ideas on how we all might live happier lives. 

I am honoured to be myself in my work -- and my work is me. 

For the most part we all want meaningful work, or at least know our efforts can create meaning and can offer a positive change in the world.  (yes, working for money can do this too...because, how can you make a difference without having the basics). For me, I am speaking about, working for meaning and money.  A lot of what I do  -- I do without pay or very little pay - I have a good balance of paid work and volunteer work -- all of which is a part of the larger body of work I offer. I am pleased and honoured to be able to deliver the messages of happiness & self love.  Knowing my work is helpful for others is great; I don't own the work, I am the messenger. 

There is a line from a song I love, called;  Let it Shine,  by Karen Drucker. It goes like this: 
'I love myself so I can love you too' 

It all begins with you with your self care and love for yourself.  How can you truly give from an empty well? Simple; you cannot. 

Here are two more stories of women discovering the power of self love and acceptance; along with the power of embracing a healthy self esteem; which in turns enhances the lives around them!  

Thanks to Virginia for sharing her awakening; read her story here.  Also gratitude is extended to Katherine and you can read her story here.  

I share these stories with you, because these women are making a difference in our world. By choosing to be themselves and by looking inward first for themselves and then moving outward into the world with themselves, whole and fully able to give with a whole full heart; they inspire me and they inspire others. 

Kay felt compelled to share her new ideas and it helped us both, truly it helped the whole class.  I was so touched she shared, it touched my heart and I sat in deep gratitude for my life. 

Thank you Kay. Thank you Virginia. Thank you Katherine.

Thank you to those who inspire me daily.  

A few messages here:  Shine, Love yourself, Share gratitude - expand your world through love! 


Who has brought new light into your life? 

What might you do to honour them?  

How can you let them know?  

Share your appreciation, share your gratitude - it will touch both your hearts and will deepen the experience.  

I look forward to hearing about your experience.  

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

My thoughts and feelings about being 'strong'

I think, sometimes, being strong all the time keeps us from feeling our real emotions, thinking our real thoughts.  Being strong, all the time can for me can create a rigid way of being, like I would crack at the slightest storm.  

I also think - being 'strong' can have the same badge of honour as being 'busy'. 

I think being real, authentic and moving even when afraid - is a healthier way {for me} than being strong. 

I think being in a fluid & an adaptable awareness about what I am feeling is healthier for me than being strong, all the time.  

I also believe - we can make a more heartfelt decision when are our hearts are shattered, broken or cracked open -- then we need perseverance and strength of mind to carry it forward. 

Paying attention to our feelings, our inklings and our desires when we feel we are at our most vulnerable can serve us well.  

Anyway, I feel being 'strong' all the time is a dis service to our hearts.  

Soften, feel and allow the light to enter the wound and heal it.  
I love this time, just as the sun reveals itself

As Rumi says; 'the wound is the place where the Light enters you' 

Feel free to feel as you wish -- strong all the time is not required.  

These are my own thoughts - you of course are invited to think, feel and know your own mind and heart.  Please do. 

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Sing your song...sing.

Robin Sharma shared a list of 53 things he learned in 2013 - and this was one of them:

Watch the documentary ~ Searching for Sugarman

So I did.  I was so touched and inspired by it. Simply: it was so cool, it is so cool <3

Very very interesting -- you never know the impact you make on other's lives -- sing your song -- sing your song.  

From America to South Africa -- how one life can impact the world; incredible.  

This is my take away:

Sing your song ~ be yourself ~ do your passion -- you never know the impact you have on the world.

This is a beautiful statement. 

Tuesday, February 11, 2014


Love seeing the moon in the daylight.
Love how light and bright it is for 4:50 PM
Love the day
Love how I am back in my long dress and cardigan
Love how my world is unfolding
Love that my hair is long enough to go up in a loose bun
Love I am able to step in to help a friend
Love that Karen Drucker music has been playing all day
Love my day was filled with both new clients and a former client
Love email money transfer
Love birch wood for the fire
Love how I have heart shaped tea cups
Love coloured pens Love the quiet part of the evening
Love second winds
Love large capacity washing machines
Love amber coloured light bulbs
Love our home
Love the moon out during the day....
thats about it for now
Much love

Monday, February 3, 2014

Decide to Choose Happiness

Decide to choose happiness.  
Every moment we have a choice. 
Decide and move toward joy and peace.  
Want to change the world - it begins with your peace filled heart. 

ACIM says: do not seek to change the world, change your thoughts about the world.  
Meaning: when we decide to have more loving thoughts, kindness and forgiveness -- it can and will shift our world.  When we become happier, more peaceful and kinder. our lives rise up with us - how do you feel this might impact those around you.  

 Source of PictureLove <3  
Begins with you 
A decision you make
Dwells in your heart first 

Much Love <3 

See my view on happiness here. 

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Magic was created...

Created by Erin Lee Of The Watered Leaf 
I work with quite a few people for life coaching/mentoring. As well I am pleased to work with independent business owners.  

Now, you would never know which ones because I honour confidentiality of the client.  It is always up to the client to say they work with me. 

Imagine my wonderful surprise when this glorious picture showed up in my newsfeed and tagged on my FB page.  
Yesterday I had the honour of sharing time with Erin from The Watered Leaf - we were moving through The Client Attraction Plan.  
Such an inspiring afternoon. She has such a creative, beauty filled spirit. 

Being in business for yourself is a blessing - yet, being in business as yourself is the treasure and an honour.  

For me, I was blessed yesterday to be able to do 'my work' as Erin approached her work from a new perspective.  

Erin brought her magical personality to the session.  Magic was created, as was this graphic. Beautiful. Thank you, Erin. 

Visit Erin's website or her FB page here.  

{I have full permission to post this, thanks Erin.}

To book a session with me -- email: karen@karenlarkin.caI will be happy to witness your magical moments.   

Bring Reverence

There is a Zen saying: 

Before enlightenment; chop wood, carry water. 
After enlightenment; chop wood carry water. 

I love this. It calls to me as a way of being in the tasks of my everyday.

Last February, for 3 weeks, I lived in beautiful cabin where I did quite literally chop wood and carry water. 

Today, I am home where I am called to loving clean my house, gratefully pay our bills and with ease push a button to wash my clothes.

Today I will bring reverence to these tasks; a mindfullness of moment and a grateful heart for heat, electronic money, running water & the ability to wash clothes with a touch of a button.

John O'Donohue reminds us that reverence means we remain always secretly ready to receive the words that could illuminate our destiny.

I am off to 'chop wood & carry water'

 Have an illuminating day
My wood pile and buckets of water

Friday, January 10, 2014

The Fullness of My Life Crept into Our Time

I was sitting with my friend on our last day of her 4 day visit and I apologized for not being 100% present for her and I.

I worked a bit while she was here -- and I felt badly ( an indicator that I needed to shift something)- she was okay with it, she was glad to be on her own retreat from the full schedule of her life; it was my feeling about it.  

While she was here I hosted meetings, personal and professional, I answered emails, I worked on promotions & behind the scenes tasks for a big event I am part of in March. and while I only did 'just' enough to maintain energy in my business, and while I was contemplating this - I realized my business and my work has begun a life of its own and I am the breath.  So while I provided just enough breath to keep it's heart pumping - I had pulled  my time away from my connection with my friend; I did not feel present with either my work or with my friend. 

The fullness of my life crept into our time.  

I was unsettled. I am still unsettled.  

As she joined me at the table we had set up for our daily activities I shared with her, "I didn't realize my life is as full as it is until I attempted to be quiet in it." 

I am sitting in observation of my world right now, with the question, 'what may need to shift?'

I am thankful for understanding my feelings, as they are an indicator, as I may need to shift, to change things and now as I am in observation. 

I have asked for my life to be different and I will honour (through feeling) what the Universe suggests. 

It has been interesting <3 

Sunday, January 5, 2014

The Glorification of Busy

Source Unknown 
I love this article. 


Busy has been glorified in our world and it can create a life filled with overwhelm, sadness and guilt (I know this from years ago when MY life was 'busy'). I also hear it so often from clients and participants in my workshops; from people longing for something different for their lives. 

Remember: You create the life you want. 

I love this part from the article: 

For one month, I’m going to stop using the word “busy.” I’m going to resist the comfort of it to try and dig deeper to explain how things really are. If I feel busy, my hope is to be aware enough to discover why and to learn how I can change it.

I highly recommend you invest a few minutes to read this article 



Saturday, January 4, 2014

Be playful

This card was so perfect for me to pick this morning.

Yesterday I was at the computer for something like 6 or 7 hours (not straight), yet it was a long enough day.  I was not playful, yet it was in a space where time moves ahead and I am in lost in it.  I sat down at 3:30 and the next time I looked up it was 7 PM. You know times like these.

Well, today after this post -- no more computer until tonight.

Today it is clear clutter and sort my office day.  There is no picture -- it would send you into shock. Truly.

However, I picked this card and I am going to be more playful in my approach -- for sure music, maybe a movie on -- coloured labels, dancing as I sort -- singing out loud -- you know, bring the fun back into the task.

Today, I encourage you to be more playful - bring joy into your tasks. Ask: how could I make this more fun, more playful.

Let me know how you make out.

Much love

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Flinging Myself Forward into the Future Makes Me Want to Recoil Backwards and Retreat

I am in a space of hmmmm....

I am in a space of 'don't want to'...

So I am starting with what I love and want to do and I will let the momentum bring me to the task which must be done.  

I am like a lot of people, I may be like you.  I have moments where - I simply do not want to do what needs to be done.

I am in that mood right now -- I am not even in the mood to procrastinate - {not sure if that is possible}.

I feel I am not in the mood to get back to work, to get back into moving forward -- so I sat down to write about it.

Now as I sit and write about my passion less moments - I realize I am craving stillness.  Pure stillness.

Stillness brings me back to myself, because as I write this I realize I am scattered - and need to gather my energy.

My mind is already forward into spring, and I am just now settling into winter.  I realize my mind is also focused on all I can do in the upcoming three days without other commitments -- all my projects I have been wanting to get done for the past year, I now feel compelled to complete in three days. Seriously.

Stillness is required.
Being present is necessary.

Flinging myself forward into the future makes me want to recoil backwards and retreat.

So I will sit, perhaps walk in the snow filled trails behind our home or I will do both.
This is my version of being still. Yes, I find stillness in movement, through walking, through my yoga practice. Stillness, for me, is a state of mind, a state of heart.

I will be still long enough for the joy of my work, my desire to find me - or probably a better way of saying it; I will be still long enough for the my desires to catch up with me.

How are you feeling right now?

Are you in need of stillness?

How do you find stillness?

I begin. Again.

Through various teachers as well as being with the text directly I have been reading, learning, exploring, sharing A Course in Miracles for ...