Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Toddler Reminders

Today I have another day with our granddaughter.
Mixing days with business and baby has been working beautifully 💜
The days are full of new discoveries
For me, being with and around a toddler keeps joy in the beauty of life front and centre
From watching a toddler; I am reminded of these things {I'm sure there's more}
*live in the present moment
*when your favourite song comes on, dance
*when your favourite show is on - watch
*when you see an opportunity to have fun - run to it
*sleep when you're tired - recharge
*eat when hungry
*ask for what you want
*enjoy your favourite book over and over
*keep growing
*support your growth with moments and items which bring you comfort and security
*celebrate your brilliance
*display your happiness when someone you love comes home
*step into life
*when you're unsure, hold someone's hand

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