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My philosophy regarding yoga is this; yoga is about harmony, love, honouring & peace. 
It is about showing up wherever you are, in life, on the mat - and being present. 
Allowing what is - to be - allowing the breath to flow into the spaces which need nourishment and being okay.  

With asanas, yoga is about being in love with the body you have. Allowing your love of self to move, guide and support you.  

I have experience through my 20+ years as a Personal Trainer/Fitness Instructor - with body movement.  I love working with people ready to embrace the body they have.
As someone who has moved through this world with a body in pain, back injuries, scoliosis and fibromyalgia.  I understand the honouring the body needs in order to heal.  I also understand movement is the way through to healing and being well.  

Yoga is harmony, love, honouring & peace. It is breath, feeling & awareness. 

I am open to a discussion about how we might work together through yoga. 

With regard to my teaching/leading yoga classes -- 

I am open to working with groups of friends 
&/or colleagues in a setting you would love, such as your private home or your office environment. 

Please contact me if you are interested in working together.  

I am currently reading this book, The Secret Power of Yoga.

From page: 13 
Asanas {postures}, reintroduce us to our bodies. once we become friends with the physical, going inward to the spiritual becomes easier.  

 The Power of Yoga

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