Friday, October 16, 2015

The whisper of reinvention

“Come back into your life.” “Come back to yourself.” These were the whispers, I have been hearing  recently.
For the past two years I have spent more time with my parents than usual. My father moved from illness into diagnosed cancer through to his death.  In that time, I moved through my life with heart and purpose for what needed to be done, and I am grateful for the time I had, with my parents.  However, now, as the two years remain in my heart, I know I need to move forward; to use the experience fully, to enrich my life. It was only recently I fully realized I had turned 50 within that time. Time had swept my life along.
Recently, during many of my lovely women conversations, the question ‘now what?’ would arrive.  “What are you going to do now?” They would ask this as if they knew what I did not at the time; I needed to change something, to release, to add or to shift something.   
The whispered requests becoming louder, now coupled with the curious question – ‘now what?’- I was becoming more unsettled. Through a pile of papers the divine answered.
A few days ago, as I was cleaning off my desk, among a pile of stuff, I found a piece of paper.  It was a plain white piece of paper with a list and along the top underlined in a wavy line with a heart at the end, the word: Re-invention.  Brilliant! Yup, this is it! I knew immediately. I felt the word settle into my body. Reinvention.
I am going to reinvent myself.
Over the past year, I have been watching my 72 year old mother do this; reinventing herself.  I have been witness to her reinvention; as she adapts and moves into her new life as a recent widow. The question ‘now what?’ must be continuously moving and rising through her heart as well.    So as my mother moves through her own reinvention, now, I will as well.  
According to Merriam-Webster the definition of reinvent is; to make major changes or improvements, to present in a different or new way; to make as if for the first time something already invented; to remake or redo completely; and/or to bring into use again.  
I am not sure where the information on the list came from, most likely, from a long forgotten tele class I took a years ago and it feels like it is more suited for a business re-invention, however I am going with the inspiration and I have decided to refine the list for my purposes.  If you are interested in a bit of a reinvention, join me.
Let’s begin:
  1. Leverage your strengths
First things first, brilliant one; own your stuff.  Own your brilliance, own your dull bits, own it all – it makes you who you are – what are your strengths, your points of brilliance?  Not sure?
Begin with paying attention to the compliments you receive, what do others appreciate about you? Begin to pay attention to your successes and acknowledge yourself for these. These are the strengths which will be used as the venture begins into a new way of being.    
  1. Identify what exhilarates you
Begin to pay attention to what brings happiness out to play, pay attention to what you find interesting, to what stimulates you. This may require a bit of an excavation and exploration, as well, most certainly a heightened awareness of self. As you begin to remember happy times, also pay attention to present moments. Pay attention to the moments in your day; moments filled with deep contentment, of pure laughter; begin to recognize when you are happy. It is also important to pay attention to moments and times you are not happy with, releasing or shifting these moments are a step in the right direction.    
  1. Be willing to step back
The truth is I love this step on the list a little more than the others. On the surface it seems as if it would allow me to be still, to observe and to not be in movement, again, and staying still appeals to me some days. However, I have decided to see this as if I am stepping back in a dance. Stepping back will broaden perspective, a chance to get a view of the dance floor, where might the next step be?  
  1. Be wary of nay sayers.
Be wary of the people who want to keep your feet on the ground, as the saying suggests, to make sure you understand ‘reality’ – it is good time to remind you, brilliant one, the reality of which they speak, is their reality. You will recognize them as soon as you hear these words; ‘you’re too old to change’.
You, brilliant one, are inventing and creating a new life and you are the perfect age for change.
  1. Create an environment for success
Begin to gather a group of people around you, ones who will cheer you on, perhaps they are on their own journey of reinvention or re-creation, and it is always nice to have a kindred spirit along for the ride.   Your peeps are important, and so are your surroundings. Have a look around you, at your physical spaces; what can stay, what needs to go, what can be added?  Pay attention and honour your preferences. Surround yourself with the people and the things you love.  

I am excited and feel reinvention may be as easy as following these points; remember to use your brilliance, pay attention, invite exhilaration and happiness around more often. Step back to gain perspective. Set yourself up for success by surrounding yourself with the best and most loved and know you are the perfect age for change.

I begin. Again.

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