Friday, October 19, 2018

The Post Without Title

Out of my rhythm

The white sky has me thrown, when did the sky become winter.  Here in the north the sun shines a lot in the winter, and this is good, while it has little strength - it stills shines - the colour is more white than the fire of the summer.

It's white, and seems more quiet in a way. This is alright.

I like the seasonal changes, I like to follow rhythms.

I am right now in a busy, time, with travel, and my spirit seems to want to settle and to be more white, to be still shine, yet in a quiet winter sun sort of way. My travel has me moving between these two energies, the fire of movement, of change and the desire to be in the quiet background, shining.

I have been teetering again between what my business is and what I am actually doing.
Have you felt this way before?

During sessions I deal in the intangible world of energy and intentions, and then I see the results through client success and change.

I love what I do, love the interaction with clients - their brilliance, and the energy of shift, change and realizations they have.

I need to do it more - in the ways it fills me, I know we are in service to others, yes; we also benefit from our work - through deep meaningful engagement - which feeds our soul, to the very real human benefit of energy exchange, money.

I need to work more. I need to engage more. I need to stay connected to the language of my industry, to stay connected with like minded colleagues and friends.

Maybe this recent travel has brought this home to me.

Here's what I say:

Stay connected to what you love, to what fuels your soul, to what creates meaning - stay inspired, play with your passions, dance to the edges of your creativity, ask what now, what else?
Say yes to new ways of showing up in the world, stay current to what is needed, and yet stay present to the foundation of your world - to the foundation of your work, to the simplest breakdown of what it is you do.

Stay inspired
Be inspired
Inspire others

Create a routine which fuels YOU - find what others do - yes, then refine it for YOU

Show up for yourself first, dedicate yourself to the care of self.

Move from your solid foundation. Know why you do what you do. Connect to this daily. Daily.

I began this post because I felt out of rhythm - I had not written is some time, either physically in a journal or what began as a bit of a self care indulgence - I trust you may find a nugget of support, a spark of inspiration and a glimmer of hope - for when we find ourselves out of sync with the rhythm of OUR world - we only need to do one thing (for me, to write this), to move us back into alignment.

It's okay to change things up, to bring new into your day, find what fits, evolve, change, grow - all the while staying true to what you crave, stay true to how you want to bold - say no what no longer fits, say yes to something new and fabulous.

This feels like a mishmash of ideas and thoughts - so it must be. 😉

*Inspire * Connect * BE*

What words resonate in your heart now?
How do you want to feel?
What's been missing?
What needs to be added (re added) ?
What do you need to drop?

I repeat:

Move from your solid foundation. Know why you do what you do. Connect to this daily. Daily.

This was fun! Thanks for being here.
Love to you this day 💜

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