Thursday, September 1, 2016

For me, and for most people, whether they realize it or not - decisions are powerful.
Once a decision is made, things settle in - the universe springs up to support the decision. The birds sing and the sun shines {okay, this may only be in my world :-) }
I have not officially worked with clients since May 2 - and since returning to our home in June - I decided I would take the summer off from work, which is fine, it slows down considerably anyway - so it was simple.
About two weeks ago I was playing with the idea of how to begin again and what the fall/winter would look like, what it would feel like. I wasn't landing on anything. It was time to schedule the private yoga class I lead -- so it began, looking ahead, when would I be able to begin? Sept 19th.
So this morning, as I puttered around my house - in my fabulous jammies = feeling luxurious with time :-) I decided I would begin all my business then. Workshops
Private and semi private coaching sessions
Yoga classes

It all begins back the week of September 19th -- now to sit down and plan the workshop dates! Now I am excited. I love having dates to work with -- I love the parameters. I love how creativity enlivens as I work within the boundaries of these self decided dates. There is freedom. While the wondering and dreaming stay - the wondering when is gone. Freedom.

I begin. Again.

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