Yup, these are hand weights in the kitchen

 Yup, those are hand weights.  Yup, they are in my kitchen.  Yup, on purpose.  I have been wanting to get back into a weight program, and I have been NOT wanting to go into the basement to pick them up.  SO...I brought them up.   Will I have to eventually go downstairs to get heavier weights? Yup.  Does that matter right now, as I want to simply begin? Nope.  So here they are - and as I wander throughout the day, I pick them up, do bicep curls, triceps kickbacks, lunges with overhead press, right here in the kitchen.   I want to start, I wanted it to be easy, and this is the easiest way to start.   What are you waiting to easily start? 

I messed up. Now I see clearly

  So I certainly messed up.   I stood in front of a group of librarians, with a book in my hand, about to share a blessing for Presence as I wrapped up one of the longest hours of my life; a talk about filling their cups, about being happy, I stood there and said; ‘you know what they say, you shouldn’t read to adults.’  Firstly; to librarians - who’s soul’s job is to get people to read, and or to discover new books, submerge themselves into the written word.   AND let me point out this little bit of information, which I find, simply hilarious – I am a fan of audio books - I, essentially, as an adult - read to all. the. time.   So, where did I hear this idea, where did I learn it from and then so inwardly digest it - I didn’t even question the words coming out of my mouth as I was saying them to the Librarians?   I learned this from Adult Educator Training - I was in training to become an adult educator.   It was so ingrained in me - this idea - I had never questioned it’s validity - or

Ground Hog Day

Do you have habits on repeat that are no longer serving you?  What needs a tweak, a change, a shift? 

Invite change

Invite change  have it for tea What does it bring as a gift?  A wider mind? A kinder heart?  Invite change partner with it  lead the dance  Laugh, cry - be with it  in all it's ways Invite change  Let it move with you  Your highest purpose awaits Invite change  Live together, happily. 

A refined post about strength & softness

I orignally posted a version of this March 30 2016 - you can see it here on my blog.  And have since refined it.  ♡♡♡♡ Why be strong all the time?  Let's be soft.  Let's feel the sadness.  Why create an armour of strength. Let's melt into our deep dark grief.   Why create a shield.  Let our hearts be broken.  Let the sadness spill out until we are empty and drained.  Let the love refill us, let love be our soft, subtle strength.  Today's date : May 26 2021  Picture from winter 2021  Let our world be held up by light and love.  Why do we need to be strong all the time when clearly there is the time for softness.  Karen Larkin

I begin. Again.

Through various teachers as well as being with the text directly I have been reading, learning, exploring, sharing A Course in Miracles for well over 2 decades. It has supported me through so much in my life.  I am participating in a course with Alan Cohen, as we work through his book A Course in Miracles made Easy. It's another approach to receiving the material, in addition to reading the print book, attending the webinars, taking notes I am also listening to the audiobook, again.  And today have once again decided to begin the workbook again.  It appears March is a time I head back in. Hmmm February is behind me now, thankfully. This last week has been incredibly hard on my heart and I need these words, this teaching to keep my spirit and my heart high. So I will do my mental first aid, and ACIM is on top of the list.  Lessons - I am here!  Last visit through the lessons - I made it through about 2 months...let's see how far I go this time.  I have read the text often. Yes,

Choose again

This is my view right now as I get back to basics.  Reading nourishing words, writing and studying ♡  The tripod is here as this is spot I have been doing live videos for The Happiness Studio this past week or so. Live video # ~ 85/100 🦄 ♡♡♡ Yesterday during our live webinar with The Happiness Academy ( certificate program -  Happiness Facilitator ) we spoke about getting back to basics.  These are some of my basics: Rich soul nourishing words I read them and I write them  Study/learning  And connection This week, once again, (by someone who lives in a different world view than mine) I was told I was selfish, narcissistic, delusion and hurtful to all those around me - gosh it was a hard Tuesday/Wednesday.   I had to pick myself up and DECIDE to do my work-my work which keeps me in the light, in the truth of love. Love is a powerful force, stronger than fear or anger - however because we are both human and spirit we need to make a consistent effort to keep our light shining