Thursday, December 5, 2013

Today, I was honoured, again.

Today I was honoured, again.  I was honoured last week as well.  How was I honoured?  I have had two people on separate occasions ask - 'how did you begin, I want to do what you do'. 

I am honoured.  Thank you, for asking. 

There has not been one course or one school I attended to become or to be what I am now.  I feel my role is to support people as they remember happiness is their truth - and I support people to be happy in all they do.  Simple.  Maybe?  I do this through of a variety of ways. Mostly I do it by being me. 

I started all of this really in the early 1990s as a volunteer fitness instructor with our local YMCA because of a fitness class I attended in the late 1980s {baby making years} - I thought, 'I could do that' and I did.  I took all the required courses (I believe proper training is important) and I began teaching classes, I then saw a need to do one on one training and began that -- at the time there were no real courses to support this desire, so I did it with the training I had and supplemented courses to support my knowledge, and then - presto -- a course became available,  a diploma in Personal Fitness Training; so I did this. 

Now all the while I am doing this, teaching and training, and then opening my own studio; I am still taking courses -- learning about how the mind works, how our hearts need to connect with work and how to bring our hearts back into our everyday.  

I began learning through attending courses and reading books from people I loved. Such as the masters in Canadian fitness at the time (90s) and then moved into my heart/mind with teachers like,  Deepak Chopra (have seen him 3 times), Alan Cohen, Robin Sharma, Cheryl Richardson, SARK, Michael Benard Beckwith, Carolyn Myss, Greg Braden....the list continues. I would travel and learn, and then teach and share what I had learned.  This was so joyous to me.  Now, there was no career with a label for what I was learning, so I integrated into what I was currently doing.  

I hired a coach after I opened my Personal Training Studio (on Franklin Ave), and true to me, thought, gosh, I could do this! So I did -- I began with taking courses and have yet to stop.  

So now, some of my certificates say: Personal Fitness Trainer, Assistant Trainer of Trainers, Erickson Coach,  Story Coach, & soon SOYA Yoga continues; the learning never stops. This keeps me joyous. I have also had training with adult learning/education, training of trainers and have lead so many workshops and presentations I cannot even count :-). 

I then share all I do with my clients in a variety of ways, privately, through small groups, large groups - workshops.  This keeps my heart light. 

The point - it is not one 'thing' I do, it is number of things I have integrated throughout the last 24 years.  24 years.  I began taking courses in 1991 to further my role in the world -- and suspect I will always be doing so.  I will then continue to share all I learn.  Remember in addition to all the courses I have taken, or you will take. Life is one of our best teachers, and how we manage our way through all we are blessed with.  Life is a great teacher.  

So I say to you, begin where you are - start moving toward the life you want.  
Begin. Have fun. Follow your joy. 
Be happy in all you do. 

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