Tuesday, April 8, 2014

You, Me & Grover ~ Getting Unstuck

Grover was a great source of inspiration for me this morning. 

You see, he was stuck.  He had gotten himself into a place where he felt he couldn't move and he couldn't see any options or way out.   He would bark occasionally, mostly he stood there, frozen.  

Yesterday when he was stuck there (yes, this is a repeat event) -- I actually thought he was stuck, like you know, when you stick wet skin on some cold metal; because the first time I went out to get him -- his paws were in wet ice.  This was not the case -- so I grabbed the scruff of his neck and brought him forward enough for him to move along on his own.  

This morning, and no treat could move him from his spot - no reward big enough for him to move.  He was immobilized.  

I went out and once again lead him to the exit from his self inflicted trap.  This time he took off -- his pent up energy needed to be used, released.  

This had me thinking. I began to think about me, thinking about you, and thinking about my clients & workshop participants.  

How do we keep repeating the patterns which get us stuck?  

As I moved through my morning I pondered on these thoughts & questions, I offer them here for you to consider as well. 

1. Where have I trapped myself?  Is this a real trap? Is there a way out? 

2. Where do I keep myself stuck, again & again? 

3. If I can see where I want to go or where I want to be, how do I take the first step over or around the barriers in front of me? 

4. Who can I call on to support me?  

5. Am I willing to accept the support offered?  

6. Once set free - how might I use my built up energy? 

I am going to journal on the questions that arrived on the event of his release.  I offer the suggestion you may wish to journal your thoughts on these questions as well.  

I would be interested in hearing your thoughts about your own journey; and how you have moved around barriers which seemed insurmountable or maybe this is the first time you are considering, 'hey, I may be stuck too.' 

Grover has been set free!  Now I ask, how might I,  how might you or how might we be set free?  

Let's get you free, unstuck and energized! 
Contact me to set up an appointment: karen@karenlarkin.ca 

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