The Home Page - It's Who I Am

I am a Creator, Partner, Friend, Mother, Wife, Daughter, 
Sister, Grandmother, Writer, Happy, Brilliant, Love.  
(order depends on the moment or the day they  sort of all in me at the same time!)

I use my skills and my training to fulfill my call.  I choose to work as a Life Coach, Facilitator, Instructor, Consultant, Leader , Mentor and a recently certified Yoga Teacher. 

I believe our highest purpose is to be happy and to love a life rich with meaning and because of this I help women trust their intuition  ~  allowing them to step into a life filled with meaning through their powerful, confident life choices. 

Here is how we might work together
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Who do I work with? 

 I am there everyday!

Interested in increasing your happiness?
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I now offer coaching via Email too - see more information here 

Have a look at top of this post -- I have other pages which might interest you.  My upcoming workshops - my yoga classes/offerings & other posts you may find helpful. 

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