Friday, February 28, 2020

Choose again

This is my view right now as I get back to basics. 

Reading nourishing words, writing and studying ♡ 

The tripod is here as this is spot I have been doing live videos for The Happiness Studio this past week or so.

Live video # ~ 85/100 🦄


Yesterday during our live webinar with The Happiness Academy ( certificate program -  Happiness Facilitator ) we spoke about getting back to basics. 

These are some of my basics:

Rich soul nourishing words
I read them and I write them 
And connection

This week, once again, (by someone who lives in a different world view than mine) I was told I was selfish, narcissistic, delusion and hurtful to all those around me - gosh it was a hard Tuesday/Wednesday.  

I had to pick myself up and DECIDE to do my work-my work which keeps me in the light, in the truth of love. Love is a powerful force, stronger than fear or anger - however because we are both human and spirit we need to make a consistent effort to keep our light shining, by polishing and refining our hearts and minds through forgiveness and love. 

On Wednesday, needing softness and love I watch - A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood - Mr. Rogers movie - and in the movie, we learn - Fred Rogers sticks with what works for him, his basics; prayer, nourishing words, exercise, routine and love - he also had to make effort to stay in the light of love and kindness. 

It can be done. 
It requires a decison, when things are dragging us down, when darkens arrives, we can decide to choose again, as ACIM says, we can always choose again. 

Choose to see love 
Choose not to be a victim of the world we see or what is thrown at us
Choose to envision a world of our hearts, a world of love. 

Once we begin to see the world through love - our perception shifts

As Wayne Dyer said: " You will see it when you believe it" - he was a great ACIM teacher 😉

So today I am fiing up my cup (aka heart) with the richness of love and forgiveness. 

May your world be blessed through the love and kindness you extend 💜

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