Sunday, July 29, 2018

Surround yourself with Happiness

Not sure how to bring happiness in your life?

Well, firstly, I believe we are born to be happy - and as such we then can extend our love to serve the world - lifting and supporting others.

I look around my home and I would say, yes, everything in my view brings me happiness, my books, a bracelet a friend gave me, our granddaughter's puzzle, fuzzy slippers which I wear to the hot tub, my hubby on his computer in the kitchen (I'm on my chrome book in the living room).

I have mentioned things - however I feel the life of these things, the actions of them, the being in relationship with them.

For example, books bring happiness for me; well because they are filled with words, images which spark ideas, which ignites the desire for me to share = happiness

How do you surround yourself with happiness? 

Look around from where you are right now, can you sense your happiness?

If you have something in your world, within view and it doesn't spark a twinge of joy, happiness or love -- perhaps it's time for it to be shared with someone else, let it move on, or maybe you need to shift in some way?

This may have been about 'things' - however, in our world, 'things' can and often do bring an experience, a feeling, if they do not - they are simply things. 

Surround yourself with happiness.

Have fun!

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