Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Speakers Block

Seth Godin says, you can always write a blog, because when you write as you speak, it's easy; because, as he claims, we rarely have 'speaker's block'.

I am not so sure.

Lately, I haven't had much to say, to share.

I have had a great launch to my new service of Coaching via Email- I guess that is something to talk about.

Our family has welcomed a new baby into the family, a new grandson for my husband and I - that is something to talk about.

Our family has also lost one key member, my mother in law.

All of this happened in the same month. August.

So August was full on with emotions, the fullness of life as it were. The sadness and the gladness.

It was bitter sweet to lose our Mother (in law), she had been unwell, and at the end in a bit of distress. So, of course, we didn't want her to linger in the sorrow of pain and distress.  She was happy to say farewell, she knew who was waiting for her on the other side.

I also wonder now if she had a chance to meet our new grand baby, Jacob before he arrived. I wonder if baby's souls arrive through birth or do they land at conception, or do they hover between the worlds. I had read somewhere once, children hover between here, and heaven until about the age of 2 or so, they see our ancestors, I guess their ancestors and angels easier than we do.


Life is interesting.

I also, in August started a Podcast recording. I'll see where that takes me. I will also share the link when I have a few recorded. My intention is work on the podcast as a lovely fun project and work with the intention of progress over perfection.  If I wait until it is perfect, it will never, NEVER get out.  You know how it is?

It is something like this blog, my writing, progress over perfection.

I often think of an old newsletter I use to put out, and when I say old newsletter, it was in the days before cut, copy and paste on the computer, it truly was read an article in magazine, a newspaper etc and physically cut, or copy and paste it - and then photocopy enough for everyone in the group or class. Anyway, a participant, Lorraine, came up to me and said, 'I love your newsletters, I love the way you write, you write, exactly as you talk.'   I took it as a compliment, it seemed like a compliment, so I took it.  ha ha ha 😊

This brings me back to the beginning of this post - as not having 'speaker's block' - hmmm....in the past 15 minutes, I have punched this post out.  I guess I did have something to say, something to share.

This fall, I am traveling quite a bit and since, in theory, I can up date the blog via my phone, I will continue to share, to post.

I hope you can join me.

Until then, stay well, be fabulous, and be you.  💜

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