Friday, August 3, 2018

What daily choices move your toward your happiness?

What are actively doing to create the life you want?

Are you making conscious decisions to live your best life possible?

Are you following through with these decisions (big step 😀 )

When the obstacles arrive (and they always arrive), what are you doing with them?

Obstacles can be perceived outside judgments, not 'feeling' like it, perceived lack of time, lack of resources, the list goes on, mostly in my experience of listening to obstacles they sound very similar to excuses. Do you stop or do you keep going?  Do you shake off the obstacle, climb over it, go around it, modify it?

So what are you actively doing daily to create the life you want?

What ideas and actions do you have lined up to support you when the obstacles show up?  How will you manage them?

Become active in your life, and your choices.

When you choose, remember why you made the choice in the first place, this may be helpful when the obstacle shows up.  Choices are usually made to either move from discomfort to comfort and toward happiness.

What choices do you make daily to move toward your happiness?

Some of my choices are simple;

*make my bed daily
*take my vitamins/supplements
*chatting with friends

I am going to start from this day to pay attention to more of my choices, when I am setting my goals, when I am moving toward my desires, I will question - am I moving toward happiness or simply moving away from discomfort - am I being pushed away from what I don't like or am I being pulled toward how I want my life to feel and to be.  Maybe you would like to join me. Pay attention today about your choices.  Are you simply moving away from discomfort?

When we simply move away from discomfort without the pull into something more we can feel empty, we may feel lost - our path may not seem clear, by adding a move toward something better we can feel energized and joyful. Connect to the why of the choice.  I am choosing this because _________.

I think the most compelling goals are achieved by a bit of both - so being honest and owning the discomfort and stepping into the desire for more and better is the way forward. The way to happiness; is the happiness.

Enjoy. Choose joyfully.  Have fun.

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