Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Wonderful Wednesday

How great was your Wednesday? 

Mine was pretty wonderful.   

I had tea with a lovely long time friend. We have been meeting once/week at least for more than 10 years. Having a friend who speaks the same language of energy, spirit & life is so important to me.  I cherish our time together.  Do you have friend like this? 

Then, I was all business, sort of, as I headed out to support a friend/client as she re engaged with her blog and has started on the path of online business development. This was so fun! It is always so great when I am in-Joy my work.  So really, pretty much every time I am in contact with a client or a workshop participant -- I am in-Joy. Truly. 

My day may seem simple; and yes, it was.  I like my life to be calm.  I am beyond drama and when it comes around, I create more calmness around me.
 It is okay to love a calm life. It is okay to say, yes, I sat and read a book this afternoon and it was a wonderful Wednesday.  

Tomorrow...Terrific Thursday ~ bring it! 

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