Monday, December 23, 2013

Be Gentle with Yourself

As you step into the Season of Joy -- remember to be gentle with yourself.  

You will most likely be out of routine and rhythm.  It is alright, it is okay.  Remember to be gentle with yourself. 

Tensions may rise as you strive to create the perfect meal, the perfect holiday experience or as you attempt to find the perfect gift any or all of these may cause you extreme stress and gentle with yourself. 

What ways can you be gentle with yourself? 

*speak kindly to yourself 
*give yourself way more time than you expect to get something complete 
*when you enjoy a cup of coffee/tea/hot chocolate - can you actually sit and enjoy it? 
*delegate (and be okay with the way it turns out)
*let go of some of the obligations which make you feel badly
*take a bath, sit in a hot tub, get in the pool -- water has a soothing and healing quality

What are some ways you can begin today -- to be gentle with yourself? Share.  Thanks 

Much love.

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