Monday, December 16, 2013

Decision, Focus & Love for What I Do

So I say to Larkin tonight, 'I have a meeting tomorrow and I need to share my successes for 2013 (it is a business meeting); and he says, so fabulously...'you mean how successful you have been since October, when you really started back into your business'...look at all you have done (with two weeks off in November ;-) )

So, I own it. It has been wonderfully full and fabulous...and I have been building a solid foundation for 2014.

Through various family commitments; illness, care, hosting visitors, & wedding planning - I was away for about 5 months total this year, maybe a bit more; 120+  nights in a hotel, excluding time at the cabin - so add another 21+ nights and with the longest time back in my house since mid November to now. :-).

So yes; it is all about decision, focus and the love of what I do.

Yup, I am owning it....I put my energy back in my business when I knew I was going to be available.
My clients, and participants have been supportive, like they (you) were waiting for me.  <3
Thank you.  Deep gratitude.

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