Friday, December 13, 2013

A Breath of Deep Contentment

Have you ever been in a group of people and been unable to follow their conversation?  I sure have. This happens to me for a couple of reasons, firstly -- I truly don't know what they are talking about, ha ha or two - I am not part of their tribe, or I in theirs.

You know birds of a feather flock together sort of thing.

I feel it so important to very very regularly get together with people whom you resonate with. Be in the company of people who understand your 'language'.  Who are woven into the fabric of your world.

I, by choice, surround myself regularly with people who also love the world of positivity, love, angels, spirit, yoga and great things.  I surround myself with people who, like me, want the best in life for themselves and others around them.

I, by choice, surround myself with people who see the best in me; this is important - for those days when I doubt {yes, I touch glimmers of doubt} sometimes. I, choose to see the best in them as well and we carry each other.

Have a feel about your life - and start saying yes to the people who believe in you, who challenge you to expand your awareness, and be with those who while in their company you can sit back, and take a breathe of deep contentment.

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