Saturday, December 21, 2013

A letter of Gratitude, Love & News (lots of clicky bits)

December 21 2013

Dear Fabulous Ones,

The Winter Solstice has just arrived for us here, at 10:11 MST – with it the light.  The days will begin to become longer and brighter – yea!

I wanted to extend gratitude to you all this year.  It was a tough year for me and my family – with the illness and passing of my Dad – and with me traveling so much to be there – my business was on the back burner.  Yet, you were all so very gracious and loving – sending me messages, cards along with your love and prayers.  Know I appreciated it all.  Thank you. 

I also wanted to let you know, I have been home now since the end of November, so almost a month now and my business has been thriving;  thanks, again to you. I have been writing more – look for an upcoming article about Authenticity in McMurray Girl, as well as on my blog

As you may or may not know, December was a month of giving for me.  I was sitting in prayer/meditation one day before a client session and a thought occurred to me; to donate my part of my fees to a local organization – and so I did.  50% of all my private session fees were glad~fully donated to Centre of Hope, here in Fort McMurray – for this particular campaign – The Sub Zero Challenge.  You can find out more information here. This will be something I will be doing again. 

I have been busy with workshops and presentations as well since September – and I am excited to offer an event at the end of this month with Gratitude as the theme – December 29 – 1-4 PM – if you are interested in details; please find it on my FB Page here. (it’s Free!)

I am also hosting – Vision Board Workshops as well. January 24 & 26 2014

If you own and/or creating a business you love – one of my favourite workshops is on January 15 – Client Attraction Plan – Details here.  4 hours of fun, reflection and discovery. 

I am excited to be working with a team of friends and colleagues as we are creating a Conference – here in Fort McMurray.  Have a look at your calendar now and circle March 22 2014 – that is the date.  Here is our FB page.  Seeds of Change FB Page   To set your intention to attend – here is the Event
So much to share with you!  Wow! 

Please know 2014 is gearing up to be so incredible – and I extend to you and your family – deep love, blissful moments and incredible joy.  Know you are loved & appreciated.  Much love to you and your family as we end 2013 and bring our full selves into 2014! 

Thank you so much for all you do in this world, by being yourself,
looking after your hearts and being happy. 

Know that by simply being happy sets the 
Universe into Joy Mode!

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