Friday, January 10, 2014

The Fullness of My Life Crept into Our Time

I was sitting with my friend on our last day of her 4 day visit and I apologized for not being 100% present for her and I.

I worked a bit while she was here -- and I felt badly ( an indicator that I needed to shift something)- she was okay with it, she was glad to be on her own retreat from the full schedule of her life; it was my feeling about it.  

While she was here I hosted meetings, personal and professional, I answered emails, I worked on promotions & behind the scenes tasks for a big event I am part of in March. and while I only did 'just' enough to maintain energy in my business, and while I was contemplating this - I realized my business and my work has begun a life of its own and I am the breath.  So while I provided just enough breath to keep it's heart pumping - I had pulled  my time away from my connection with my friend; I did not feel present with either my work or with my friend. 

The fullness of my life crept into our time.  

I was unsettled. I am still unsettled.  

As she joined me at the table we had set up for our daily activities I shared with her, "I didn't realize my life is as full as it is until I attempted to be quiet in it." 

I am sitting in observation of my world right now, with the question, 'what may need to shift?'

I am thankful for understanding my feelings, as they are an indicator, as I may need to shift, to change things and now as I am in observation. 

I have asked for my life to be different and I will honour (through feeling) what the Universe suggests. 

It has been interesting <3 

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