Saturday, July 7, 2018

Each Encounter is a Gift

In the past, I have, and maybe you have been the subject of name calling in hurtful exchanges.
On more than one occasion, it was suggested to me, because I was 'supposedly so loving and enlightened' their behaviour was acceptable and I was simply expected to forgive and carry on.

I did forgive.

I also carried on, while maintaining personal boundaries.

However, in recent days things have been niggling at me, and it occurred to me, because people perceive me as enlightened and loving, it may give them permission to say things bluntly to me, with the intent of being hurtful.

I do consider myself loving and I do have moments of what I say is enlightenment and a deep understanding of myself.

What I also am, is human; a spiritual being, having this human experience.
I am being human. 

Which means the power of their words, and the hurt filled intensity can sting and temporarily blind my heart.

When people say things to purposely hurt or to get a rise from me and it pushes an emotional button; I examine it.

Is it true?
Where am I like this?
Will I own this part of me?
Shall I modify how I am, who I am?

A Course in Miracles says, everyone comes into your life for a reason, we meet no one by accident.

Each encounter is a gift.

There are moments in which another brings with them a mirror for me to see myself in reflection, and/or they may bring a lesson which seems to be on a repeat loop. There is always a gift.

From my encounters? 

The gift keeps on giving. As evidence by their recent creep back into my thoughts and awareness. 
Maybe I didn't speak up enough, maybe I needed to say more, maybe my silence is enough? I examine these questions.

I am not alone in the idea of forgiveness and gratefulness as a way to be in relationship with others, it is widely held belief and life system for many.

I am grateful for the continued opportunity to forgive myself and others as I move along my life.
It's the only path to a free heart.


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