Thursday, March 24, 2016

Is it ever too late?

Last night during the final evening of Building Women's Self Esteem, a participant called me over to ask a question.

"Do you think is ever too late to go back to school?"
"Ummmm? No!"

At least that is what I believe.  I believe if you have the desire you then are given the ability to complete. Now; you may need to step up and raise the expectations of your daily life, refine your habits so that you become the person who is able to complete your dream.  

Is it ever too late -- no.  In all fairness, she wasn't asking, was it too late to become something incredibly out of her reach - out of her scope - and as I write this; I also wonder what would be out of her range?  

Is it ever too late, no.  I also believe - part of the success of the journey is in the enjoyment of the journey itself.  One never knows which path will open for them once they say yes!

Begin with your dream, say yes. It's never too late. 
#truthbomb from Danielle LaPorte

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