Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Inspiring Day

I have had an inspiring day, from the this gorgeous sunrise to the quiet of my afternoon. 

I have been feeling more inspired lately and following through on the thoughts and feelings this has brought. Recently I began back on my treadmill after a good year of non consistent walking, the time felt right to begin, again.  {It's okay, to begin again}

I have decided to walk for 30 minutes, while catching up on podcasts I have been saving.  One of these podcasts I listened to was Dave Ramsey speaking to Seth Godin - it was a wonderful conversation.  Seth shared how he believes everyone should have a blog, and write everyday, and it didn't matter if anyone read it. It mattered more, it was written. It matter more that an idea, a thought was shared.  He said it could be as little as 200 words, it was important to write.

I thought, I can do that! So I am.  I am writing. I am not waiting for it to be perfect, or for when I have the perfect topic, I am going to write. Everyday.

I then shared this bit of inspired action with a business FB Group I am participating in - and there were a few more people who loved the idea - and it inspired them to do the same - and others went a different route, and thought, what else could they do, daily; and release perfection.  Simply to do it, to contribute? 

This is the way inspiration works.  You move on it -- and it grows. You share it and it gives permission for action -- maybe someone else is waiting to hear, or to read exactly what you are inspired to say.  Maybe. Maybe it is enough that I am inspired.  

I ask you; have you taken action on an inspired thought recently?
If not, why not?  Please feel free to share in the comments.

Inspire others.  Inspire yourself. Set yourself up for inspiration. Act on an inspired thought.  The world is waiting to be illuminated by your brilliance. 

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