Tuesday, March 11, 2014

My thoughts and feelings about being 'strong'

I think, sometimes, being strong all the time keeps us from feeling our real emotions, thinking our real thoughts.  Being strong, all the time can for me can create a rigid way of being, like I would crack at the slightest storm.  

I also think - being 'strong' can have the same badge of honour as being 'busy'. 

I think being real, authentic and moving even when afraid - is a healthier way {for me} than being strong. 

I think being in a fluid & an adaptable awareness about what I am feeling is healthier for me than being strong, all the time.  

I also believe - we can make a more heartfelt decision when are our hearts are shattered, broken or cracked open -- then we need perseverance and strength of mind to carry it forward. 

Paying attention to our feelings, our inklings and our desires when we feel we are at our most vulnerable can serve us well.  

Anyway, I feel being 'strong' all the time is a dis service to our hearts.  

Soften, feel and allow the light to enter the wound and heal it.  
I love this time, just as the sun reveals itself

As Rumi says; 'the wound is the place where the Light enters you' 

Feel free to feel as you wish -- strong all the time is not required.  

These are my own thoughts - you of course are invited to think, feel and know your own mind and heart.  Please do. 

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